Welcome to mikematt  BLOG.. guys this blog is created for Fitness lover……… if you are really Interested to go throw the right way  like most of successful  people going on. my friends that right way is fitness its doesn’t matter what you are doing or which field you having  here in my blogs matter only fitness health.  friends i must suggest you  just left the laziness and wake up now and go throw the right path where you can breath fress life happily and keep fit yourself.


Fitness -: In past years fitness was commonly Describe as the capacity to carry out the hole day’s activities without undue fatigue. now time changes in lifestyles following the industrial revolution rendered this definition insufficient. but now Today’s physical fitness  means is totally changed is considered a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities. now days people depend on there daily time table they calculate there daily diet in calories protein or carbohydrate. which is they right way to measure our self . people giving time to our self to become healthy and fit..


BEST of luck guys and congrets on your decision to join a health club or a fitness club. This is only one right way that once you go through with, and keep up your mental and phycial level of commitment that will forever change your life and how you relate to people, healthy food and good abd safe exercise. There is initially on joining a gym or fitness club an excitement in the future and a real clarity of purpose. I have never felt the excitement of being in a gym by doing any kind of other exercise or workout rutene.

Fitness clubs are a business and since you are going to be doing business with a Fitness  Club you should be armed with information and the ability to make a decision based on what is important to you and not what is pitched to your by the health club salesman. I want to be very clear here, the onus is on you to decide what you want and need in a health club and the nice lady or mans job is simply to have you join their club.

What I will do within this series is educate you on what is important to think about and after that you can make the decision yourself, armed with the knowledge that you need to take that health club sales pitch head on and rebut it.


when you go out looking for fitness center to join. We will uncover staff and what to look for, membership hours, fitness equipment, health club amenities, classes worth taking or not and of course the price that you should pay and how to decide what is fair.

If you already belong to a gym, fine, this may allow you to reevaluate whether you are at the right place and if you do not belong to a gym you will probably be joining one soon and I hope all the information you will find will help you make an informed decision on what kind of health club is for you.


There are many fitness programs available these days all promising to be one of the best available & the ideal one for you. There is no fitness program available that is the best for all. You are an individual with different needs, wants & lifestyle so there cannot be a fitness program that is ideal for all.

Every fitness program has its pro’s & con’s & it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you, after all you need a fitness program that you know you are going to enjoy, that way you will stick to it & reap the full benefits.

So which fitness program is for you ? Will you choose one of the well known ones such as Pilates, Step, or Aerobics (in one form or another) or will you go for one of the many celebrity fitness programs. The choice of fitness program is yours & yours alone make sure you pick the one for you. To help you here is a quick overview of some of the fitness programs available.


Developed by Joseph Hubertis Pilates as far back as the early 1900’s, Pilates is based upon developing & improving body posture & flexibility of movement originally using the resistance of springs. Pilates can be practised using specially designed Equipment or performing exercises based on the Pilates system simply on a mat. Pilates has spawned many different versions which are available today. Pilates fitness programs are available on video or DVD to use with or without equipment, for you to follow at home or you could try your local gym to see if they run classes there.

Step Fitness Program
Step is basically a form of aerobic exercise involving stepping on & off a step quite often to music. You can follow this fitness program from a video or DVD at home using a simple piece of equipment or in a group at your local gym or recreation centre.


Aerobics is a fitness program in numerous different formats but basically involves lots of movement such as arm raises, leg raises, kicks, stretching, lunging, bending etc to music. The type & frequency of movements should depend upon your current level of fitness. The fitness program can again be followed at home using a video or DVD or at classes in your local gym or recreation centre.


Here is to many aerobics program on net. but dear friends here I Am giving you some good tips about aerobics exercise.. aerobics is basically  called a exercise which is work on your fat reduce. or in some way its true but aerobics is as much Impotent to build your muscle and increase strength level as much impotent  in your fat reduce. Its real or true fact. you can apply  aerobics on your muscle growth  and strength increase segment in your workout. or also can use in your fat reduce segment..

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