Human being needs food or nutrients to perform various functions and activities in the body and to lead a healthy life. Include proteins, fat, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are chemical substances which are present in the food we eat daily. The foods containing these nutrients which we consume daily are classified as cereals, legumes (pulses), nuts and oil seeds, vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products and flesh foods (fish, meat and poultry)and of course good filtered water
human needs all these nutrients, energy, proteins, vitamins, fibers, minerals in different amounts to grow, live and thrive. Since man derives all the nutrients he needs through the diets he eats, his diets must be well balanced to provide all the nutrients in proper proportions. In planning a diet for the community, foods have to be chosen in proper amounts to provide all the nutrients in required amounts and also keeping in view the dietary habits and availability of foods.

Friend here is all what you need to know about various types of foods that are beneficial for build muscle. Here is a list of foods that are good for increasing muscle of your body.

Turkey breast
Low fat yogurt
Cottage cheese
Peanut butter
Fat free milk
Chicken breast

All Included food items would help you build muscle of your body

Training Principles

Size Gaining Schedule

3 thoughts on “NEED OF FOODS TO GROW

  1. To grow up your body. you should take proper diet with regular exercises. you should maintain the routine of your diet and other works. food are very important to keep healthy our body.

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