Health Benefits Of caffeine

ImageAre you addicted to coffee?  You can’t live without a full mug of coffee? Or you down 3 or 4 mug of coffee in a day?  And you are a little thinking about that you are captivated to coffee and want decrease your drinking behavior. So my dear friends I would like to say that you are misguide or might be you are not aware of the payback of coffee beans.  There are lots of health benefits of coffee let me introduce you with no of the benefits of coffee.



  1. Increased energy disbursement
  2. Superior fat burning
  3. Improved exercise performance
  4. Responders and nonresponders
  5. Caffeine Prevent Alzheimers’ and Parkinson’s Disease
  6. Gout-B-Gone
  7. Coffee Against Cancer
  8. Coffee 1, Diabetes 0


  • Caffeine drinks can be a useful fat loss or body weight preservation strategy for those who act in response to its effects. 
  • Introduce caffeine to those who do not consistently consume it may have the furthermost effect. 
  • Habitual caffeine consumers may already have achieved a ceiling of benefits and be non-responsive to additional caffeine.
  • For most people, a caffeine intake up to 4-5 cups of instant coffee (250 – 300 mg) will not pretense major health risks. 
  • Finally, keep in mind that the fat loss benefits of caffeine will be relatively minor compared to significant positive changes in diet and exercise habits.

My Experience about drinking coffee

Whenever I go to my competition and I need to lose weight like 10 -15 pound in one or two months so I always go for this natural fat cuter. I drink raw coffee with cold water and without sugar just before I start my workout  and also use twice in a day and another time as well and believe me guys it really works great. 

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