Reality Bites: Your Kidneys Hate Steroids!

steriods doseNo, we are not digressing towards love and relationships and heart is not a metaphor here. In fact, the use (read abuse) of steroids in health and sports has been a much voiced concern among sport authorities. Let’s establish the groundwork first. Steroids are bad for your body, they are bad for your brain, they are bad for your brawn. Since we already strongly established how bad steroids are for your health, let us jump right to their harm. Today we’ll be focusing on the harmful side effects of abusing steroids on your liver and kidneys.

It is common knowledge that our kidneys are involved in the filtration and removal of byproducts from our body. However, not many know that the administration of excessive steroidal compounds may cause our kidneys a lot of strain in the long run. Actual kidney damage mostly happens as and when the steroid (ab)user suffers from severe blood pressure, which places an undue amount of stress on your kidneys. Some evidence even suggests that steroid use can lead to Wilm’s Tumor in adults. Such diagnosis, however, is still assumptive and research is on to prove the same.

damage Kidneys

It must be understood that Liver damage is NOT a direct side effect of steroid abuse. However, the use of C17 alpha alkylated compounds, a major component of steroids, are what lead to liver failure eventually. This, more often than not, leads to severe damage, and finally liver cancer. In most of the cases, the liver develops blood filled cysts.

Most anabolic steroids increase the water and sodium content body tissues. It has been observed that steroid induced water retention, in some cases, can bring about a really swollen appearance to the patient’s body. This also reduces the visibility of muscle features. Although water retention in tissues can lead to fatalities like really high blood pressure and subsequent kidney damage. An unusually high water content puts a lot of strain on the body. This can only be ensured by totally negating the use of steroids.

With rapid strides in medical science, kidney and other renal treatments are now available in India. In fact, India is quite a popular destination for medical tourism. Kidney patients from all over the world are flocking to India to avail affordable kidney treatments which include Endoscopic surgeries, prostate biopsy and bladder neck incision, among others.

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2 thoughts on “Reality Bites: Your Kidneys Hate Steroids!

  1. I’m thankful for this because now I know that steroids are not only giving good effects but it also has it’s negative effects that will definitely ruin our kidney systems. This should not be recommended by doctors and people should read not just the positive effects of a certain medication, but must read what is the negative effects that can only ruin your life.

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