Top 5 Health Club in Mumbai

In the recent era, there has been tremendous growth in the popularity of the Gyms and Fitness centers In India. Along with maintaining a well-toned body, the health clubs have been the preferable destination for both men and women looking for a healthy body. If you are opting for proper eating habits to gain proper weight according to the height and age, include eatables with carbohydrate and protein that serve total calories of 80%, fats contributing to the 10% of the calories and remaining by other sources.

To keep yourself fit in spite of heavy pollution in Mumbai, it is advised to get membership of health clubs, supported by all modern gymming machines and equipments. Gyms are the place of exercising and good health. In the city that never sleeps, here is the list of top 5 health clubs that you should opt for to keep yourself fit, fine and healthy.

1. Gold’s Gym:

Gold gym

Gold’s Gym ventured into India in the year 2002 and maiden center was at in Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai. With appreciation from fitness freaks, in the recent years, the chain has expanded and thus, there are about 62 gyms in India and the count is still continued. This gym has 6 centers in Mumbai itself. You may find Gold’s Gym in Nepean Sea Road, Santacruz, Bandra, Goregoan, Vashi, and Lokhandwala


2.  Talwalkars:

talwalker gym

Erstwhile Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Pvt. Ltd., is now Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., and normally known as Talwalkars. This is one amongst the oldest gyms in India. With over hundreds of branches in India, there are about 16 centers in Mumbai such as Bhayander, Bandra, Chembur, Juhu, Mulund, Wadala, Nerul, Kharghar, Andheri, Charni Road, Goregoan, Mahim, Vasai, Warden Road, Vashi, and Khophar Khairne.


3.  K11 Fitness Academy:

k11 fitness acedemy

Kaizzad Capadia took initiative in the year 2002 and established the K11 Fitness Academy. This fitness center has attained a convincible position in India over other gyms and health clubs in India. With modern equipments, this gym is operational in Mumbai at Fort, Santacruz, and Dunhill Corner.

4. One Fitness Hub and Spa:

One Fitness Hub and Spa

Sprawled over an area of 9000 sq. ft, with all modern amenities and equipments, One Fitness Hub and Spa are winning the hearts of fitness freaks. This center is on one floor and all the facilities are available, making it a mecca for health and fitness. One Fitness Hub and Spa are situated in Hiranandani (Powai).


5.  True Fitness:

Trainers at the True Fitness pvt ltd performing plyometric exerciseBoasting about the trainers and equipment, this fitness house is appreciated more in compared to other fitness centers in India. True Fitness is located at Andheri in Crystal Point Mall, over an area of 60,000 sq. ft. There are facilities like spa, Bikram’s famous yoga studio, spinning room and HakimAalim Salon.

For tourists, who also have immense love towards their fitness, the hospitality industry of Mumbai has also included the facility of gym and fitness center with all Top Five Start Hotels in Mumbai. Along with their pleasant stay in Mumbai, they could also take care of their health.

Health Benefits Of caffeine

ImageAre you addicted to coffee?  You can’t live without a full mug of coffee? Or you down 3 or 4 mug of coffee in a day?  And you are a little thinking about that you are captivated to coffee and want decrease your drinking behavior. So my dear friends I would like to say that you are misguide or might be you are not aware of the payback of coffee beans.  There are lots of health benefits of coffee let me introduce you with no of the benefits of coffee.



  1. Increased energy disbursement
  2. Superior fat burning
  3. Improved exercise performance
  4. Responders and nonresponders
  5. Caffeine Prevent Alzheimers’ and Parkinson’s Disease
  6. Gout-B-Gone
  7. Coffee Against Cancer
  8. Coffee 1, Diabetes 0


  • Caffeine drinks can be a useful fat loss or body weight preservation strategy for those who act in response to its effects. 
  • Introduce caffeine to those who do not consistently consume it may have the furthermost effect. 
  • Habitual caffeine consumers may already have achieved a ceiling of benefits and be non-responsive to additional caffeine.
  • For most people, a caffeine intake up to 4-5 cups of instant coffee (250 – 300 mg) will not pretense major health risks. 
  • Finally, keep in mind that the fat loss benefits of caffeine will be relatively minor compared to significant positive changes in diet and exercise habits.

My Experience about drinking coffee

Whenever I go to my competition and I need to lose weight like 10 -15 pound in one or two months so I always go for this natural fat cuter. I drink raw coffee with cold water and without sugar just before I start my workout  and also use twice in a day and another time as well and believe me guys it really works great.