Signs of Aging? Naturally Increase Growth Hormone


Aging seems to be the most worrying dismay. People, all over the world, sweat out a lot to look younger and to stay fit. But it is a universal truth that one can not win the race with nature. It is a butter truth that you can never stop growing – it is the law of nature.

Generally, after the age of 30, the signs of aging start getting visible. Some get wrinkles, while many others find it difficult to stay active in their normal day-to-day life.

Amira Yasser, s31, a marketing executive with an Advertising Agency in Florida, remembers earlier days of her career, and says, “I used to work 6 days a week and 8 hours a day, when I joined this company seven years back, and used to stay quite active even at the end of the day. I was a fun loving girl. I used to hang out with my friends and boyfriend at clubs, discos and pubs, but now I don’t really feel like doing all these things. Now I get tired at the end of the day, though after seven years of service, I don’t really have a lot of work pressure, which I used to face during the first couple of years in job. It’s not that I don’t want to go out with friends and my boyfriend, but I am really helpless with my age!”

This is the dilemma of everyone who has crossed the age of 30. Many a studies have proved that laziness, tiredness, and weakness, wrinkles, etc. are the ocular signs of aging. 30 is the age when you start losing the level of hormones, which are responsible for the growth. This decreasing GH level is the sole reason behind all the visible signs of aging. Studies have also revealed that during this phase of time, your immune system also gets weaken, and the chances of catching critical blood pressure and heart related diseases also increase.

But, there, certainly, are available some ways, following which, you can naturally increase growth hormone in your body system.

Healthy Diet Plan: After the age of thirty, you must avoid having junk foods and fast foods. You should follow a regular nutritious healthy diet. You should add natural green vegetables, and lead your life the vegetarian way, though if you want, you sometimes can have your favorite sea food or meat. But do include salads in your diets.

Workout: Regular exercise doesn’t only make you look fit but also make you fit. It increases your stamina and also increases your immunity against all critical diseases.

The above two are the best way to lead your life after the age of 30. If you want to increase your growth hormones, more, then you can take HGH supplements, along with above said ways. HGH supplements help you stay active throughout the day, with its natural components. It also reduces risks of diseases caused by aging. There are myriad names in the healthcare industry that offer HGH
supplements – you can consider any one of them, but only after your doctor’s prescription.

Top 5 Health Club in Mumbai

In the recent era, there has been tremendous growth in the popularity of the Gyms and Fitness centers In India. Along with maintaining a well-toned body, the health clubs have been the preferable destination for both men and women looking for a healthy body. If you are opting for proper eating habits to gain proper weight according to the height and age, include eatables with carbohydrate and protein that serve total calories of 80%, fats contributing to the 10% of the calories and remaining by other sources.

To keep yourself fit in spite of heavy pollution in Mumbai, it is advised to get membership of health clubs, supported by all modern gymming machines and equipments. Gyms are the place of exercising and good health. In the city that never sleeps, here is the list of top 5 health clubs that you should opt for to keep yourself fit, fine and healthy.

1. Gold’s Gym:

Gold gym

Gold’s Gym ventured into India in the year 2002 and maiden center was at in Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai. With appreciation from fitness freaks, in the recent years, the chain has expanded and thus, there are about 62 gyms in India and the count is still continued. This gym has 6 centers in Mumbai itself. You may find Gold’s Gym in Nepean Sea Road, Santacruz, Bandra, Goregoan, Vashi, and Lokhandwala


2.  Talwalkars:

talwalker gym

Erstwhile Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Pvt. Ltd., is now Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., and normally known as Talwalkars. This is one amongst the oldest gyms in India. With over hundreds of branches in India, there are about 16 centers in Mumbai such as Bhayander, Bandra, Chembur, Juhu, Mulund, Wadala, Nerul, Kharghar, Andheri, Charni Road, Goregoan, Mahim, Vasai, Warden Road, Vashi, and Khophar Khairne.


3.  K11 Fitness Academy:

k11 fitness acedemy

Kaizzad Capadia took initiative in the year 2002 and established the K11 Fitness Academy. This fitness center has attained a convincible position in India over other gyms and health clubs in India. With modern equipments, this gym is operational in Mumbai at Fort, Santacruz, and Dunhill Corner.

4. One Fitness Hub and Spa:

One Fitness Hub and Spa

Sprawled over an area of 9000 sq. ft, with all modern amenities and equipments, One Fitness Hub and Spa are winning the hearts of fitness freaks. This center is on one floor and all the facilities are available, making it a mecca for health and fitness. One Fitness Hub and Spa are situated in Hiranandani (Powai).


5.  True Fitness:

Trainers at the True Fitness pvt ltd performing plyometric exerciseBoasting about the trainers and equipment, this fitness house is appreciated more in compared to other fitness centers in India. True Fitness is located at Andheri in Crystal Point Mall, over an area of 60,000 sq. ft. There are facilities like spa, Bikram’s famous yoga studio, spinning room and HakimAalim Salon.

For tourists, who also have immense love towards their fitness, the hospitality industry of Mumbai has also included the facility of gym and fitness center with all Top Five Start Hotels in Mumbai. Along with their pleasant stay in Mumbai, they could also take care of their health.

Who is Batter Isolation Exercises or Compound Exercises

The leg extension is an isolation exercise. An isolation exercise is one where the movement is restricted to one joint and one muscle group. For example, the leg extension is an isolation exercise for the quadriceps. Specialized types of equipment are used to ensure that other muscle groups are only minimally involved—they just help the individual maintain a stable posture—and movement occurs only around the knee joint. Most isolation exercises involve machines rather than dumbbells and barbells (free weights), though free weights can be used when combined with special positions and joint bracing. Compound exercises work several muscle groups at once, and include movement around two or more joints. For example, in the leg press movement occurs around the hip, knee and ankle joints. This exercise is primarily used to develop the quadriceps, but it also involves the hamstrings, glutes and calves. Compound exercises are generally similar to the ways that people naturally push, pull and lift objects, whereas isolation exercises often feel a little unnatural. Compound exercises generally involve dumbbells and barbells (free weights), involving more muscles to stabilize the body and joints as well as move the weight. The leg press is a compound exercise. Each type of exercise has its uses. Compound exercises build the basic strength that is needed to perform everyday pushing, pulling and lifting activities. Isolation exercises are useful for “rounding out” a routine, by directly exercising muscle groups that cannot be fully exercised in the compound exercises.

Six Pack Solid Abs workout…

How to get six pack solid abs ??

Six-Pac The ultimate achievement is get ripped, firm and cut abs. You have to work very hard at develop them, but once you do, just imagine how great you will look and feel. Now that the summer is here you can show them off to everyone!

Men and women both look great with perfect washboard abs and by watching what you eat and training hard you can have them. Remember, your abs is the visual center of the body and the focal point of your strength and your center of balance. The abs is where the eyes are inevitably drawn.

Strong abs are not just a cosmetic thing but also important for good health. Strong abdominal is essential to maximizing performance in almost all sports. Well-defined abs is one sign of being in top condition and being lean, hard and strong. The most important goal of abdominal training should be definition. To achieve definition, you need the combination of a strict diet and high reps and sets of abdominal exercises.

In the beginning, the most important thing is to build up the basic strength of the abdominal area and next you need to increase that strength and begin to put more emphasis on the adjacent muscles.

Abs should be trained every day. Five sets of sit-ups or crunches and five sets of leg raises are a good start. Sit-ups and crunches work the upper abdominal while the leg raises work the lower area. Beginners can start working abs immediately by blowing out all of your breath, sucking in your stomach as far as possible, then trying to hold this for fifteen seconds. Holding in your stomach and tensing your abs is a good way of firming and strengthening them and making yourself aware of how to control this area of your body.

Working your abs at least four times a week is also key in having flat and strong abdominal. Work your abs slowly and contract the muscles as you breathe out and complete each repetition. After you see your weight dropping and your abs strength increasing, you will want to add weight to your abs routine. Without using weights you will have a difficult time getting those six-pac abs that you are working towards.

Make sure you include crunches and leg raises in your abs routines. You will want to do three to four sets per exercise and fifteen to twenty reps per set.

Sit-ups: For the upper abs. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, your hands crossed over your chest or placed behind your head. Sit up and bring your head as close to your knees as possible. Lower yourself slowly back to the floor. Do this exercise very slowly and keep your chin into your chest.

Leg raises: For the lower abs, sit on the end of a flat bench or lie flat on the floor. Lie back with your legs extended straight out and your hands underneath your buttocks or behind your head for support. Keeping your legs straight, raise them as high as you can, then lower them slowly until they are below the level of the bench or if your are on the floor, almost touching it with your feet.

Twisting  Crunches: twisting crunches is real very useful for your side fat or your oblige muscle. to start this exercise lay down just like you did crunches but at at staring toward move your right hand knee to  your left knee and back to starting position and same with second.

Pull down Crunches: Drape a towel or rope around the bar of a pull down machine so that you pull the weight using it instead of the bar. Kneel facing the machine and grab hold of the towel and put your hands against your forehead. Kneel far enough away from the machine so that the cable comes down at a slight angle.

Crunches with your knees in the air: For the upper and lower abs. Lie on your back on the floor, hands clasped behind your neck. Keeping your knees bent, raise your feet in the air and place your feet against a wall or bench for support. Raise your head and shoulders toward your knees with a sit-up motion and simultaneously lift the pelvis and feel the contraction of the abdominal as the upper and lower body crunch together. At the top of the movement flex the abdominal even harder to get the fullest contraction possible and release and return to the starting position. Breath out on the way up and in on the way down slowly and keep your chin into your chest.

Hanging leg raises: this is quit hard to do for new guys but it very useful for any one who want sharp abs. to start this exercise hang up your self in chining bar. and pull your leg to up front to your west line but remember your knee shoul’nt bent.

The exercise is the same movement as an abdominal crunch, but using the weight instead of gravity. The emphasis is still on crunching the abdominal, pulling the breastbone towards the pelvis and making sure you exhale all your air at each contraction.

Best Callorie burning Exericise

Anaerobic Exercise

The ideal calorie-burning training program involves a combination of both these types of exercises. Ideally get advice from a fitness professional as to how to structure your program. As a rough guide, if doing a 60-minute workout at a fitness center or using a home gym, divide your program into approximately 40 minutes cardio and 20 minutes weight-training, or do aerobics one day and weights the next.
Eat Before Exercising

Always eat 3-4 hours before exercise. Your best choice is a high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal, with foods like breakfast cereal, fruit, yogurt, fruit juice, bread, pasta and rice. Avoid fried food and other high-fat options. These low-fat, carbohydrate-rich foods give you the necessary energy to enable you to exercise for up to one hour at a time, and help to optimize fat-burning.

Sports Drinks Can Be High Calorie

Some athletes drink a sports drink during their training, but be aware that these drinks typically have a high calorie-content and are not required unless you are exercising vigorously for more than one hour at a time. Drink water instead.

Eat After Exercising

After exercise, refuel your energy stores with a high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal again. People sometimes say they don’t feel like eating after exercise. That’s fine, but you should not exercise again within 12 hours unless you have replenished your energy stores with sufficient carbohydrate. If you don’t recharge your energy stocks correctly, you will end up too tired to do any exercise at all. So keep eating and drinking, but choose high-carbohydrate foods and plenty of water.

How Many Calories Are Burned During Exercise

Type of Exercis hour/Calories burned
Sleeping 55
Eating 85
Sewing 85
Knitting 85
Sitting 85
Standing 100
Driving 110
Office Work 140
Housework, moderate 160+
Golf, with trolley 180
Golf, without trolley 240
Gardening, planting 250
Dancing, ballroom 260
Walking, 3mph 280
Table Tennis 290
Gardening, hoeing etc. 350
Tennis 350+
Water Aerobics 400
Skating/blading 420+
Dancing, aerobic 420+
Aerobics 450+
Bicycling, moderate 450+
Jogging, 5mph 500
Gardening, digging 500
Swimming, active 500+
Cross country ski machine


Hiking 500+
Step Aerobics 550+
Rowing 550+
Power Walking 600+
Cycling, studio 650
Squash 650+
Skipping with rope 700+
Running 700+