The Most Effective Abdominal Exercises – HANGING LEG RAISES

Before talk about the exercise you just need to understand the basic anatomy of your abdominal muscles. I thing you will better understand the anatomy structure by this below image.

Anatomy of Abdominals

Benefits of Hanging Leg Raises

How often you do abs workout in week or month. And how often you do a hardcore exercise like hanging leg raises? Whatever you answer, I know you really mean it. I am here to describe you the written and experienced benefits of this workout. This is an amazing abs workout and over the thousand crunches this is the workout which you should include in your every abs days. Lets me introduces you what the hanging leg raises is.

What’s it is?

The position-: When you hold any pull-up or chinupbar and hang yourself on it it’s called the hanging position. Now the legs, come-on!! You knew it, and what raises are its like (sun raise) the same way you raises your leg upwards to your waist or chest. Keep in mind while pulling you legs to upwards or while leg falling down you need to Flex all your abdominals muscles, to make it perfectly. This is the complete workout to give you full range of motion and give you a perfect abdominal shape. Below Video is a complete introduction of HANGING LEG RAISES.

Forms of hanging leg raises

There are many forms of hanging leg raises as I know the best 3 are Hanging Leg raises, hanging knee raises, and side Hanging Leg raises. If you are doing all three form of this workout, you might get the perfect abs in upcoming 4 to 5 month I guarantee on this.  You can maximize the results of workout by putting some weights belts on your legs. There are plenty of weights comes which your can tight on your legs.